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If I Have High Cholesterol, Which Foods Should I Eliminate?

Cholesterol is similar to fat. It's necessary to create vitamin D and cell membranes. Your liver creates all you need. Some health issues can create high cholesterol readings, which increases the risk of other health issues like heart disease and stroke. An unbalanced diet can cause high cholesterol. Lack of exercise and obesity also cause it. Changing the food you consume can help, but it might not be the food you think. Recent studies show that high-cholesterol foods may not be responsible for high cholesterol, but there are some foods you can eliminate to improve your cholesterol profile.

What??? Coffee can affect cholesterol? NOOOOOO!!!!

If you've had a spike in your cholesterol or blood pressure levels, that cup of Joe may be the cause. Recent studies show that the caffeine that helps you rise and shine may also cause cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels to rise. The study reviewed the effect of drinking espresso, one of the most potent and concentrated forms of coffee. When the subjects drank an average of four espressos a day, it caused their bad cholesterol to rise. Filtered coffee had less effect than espresso.

There's no doubt about it, you need to avoid some foods regardless of cholesterol.

Some of the worst foods for your cholesterol are also bad for your health in other ways. Fried foods are at the top of the list. They're loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol from the oil. Another big offender is processed meat. Besides being bad for your cholesterol profile, it also is high in sodium. Eliminate baked goods and sugary treats from your diet for many reasons. They are high in saturated fat and even worse, full of sugar. Sugar causes the liver to create more bad cholesterol, LDL, and less good cholesterol, LDL. It can cause an increase in triglycerides.

Lower your cholesterol with these foods.

Foods that lower cholesterol do it for different reasons. Oats, barley, apples, grapes, citrus fruit, and other types of grain contain soluble fiber. Fiber binds to cholesterol and it leaves the body with other waste products. Beans, eggplant, and okra also have high amounts of cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber. Nuts contain phytosterols that lower cholesterol. Fatty fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce triglycerides.

  • Eating almonds not only can lower LDL---the bad cholesterol, but it can also raise HDL---the good cholesterol. Eating 45 grams of almonds, about ¼ C, daily can reduce the potential of high blood lipid levels.

  • If you lose weight too rapidly, it can increase cholesterol levels. One study followed people on an extremely low-calorie diet for weight loss. In all the individuals, it caused a spike in cholesterol levels, which returned to normal levels later.

  • Some high-cholesterol foods get a bad rap. Eggs, for instance, are high in cholesterol, but that doesn't mean they'll raise cholesterol levels. Eating food high in cholesterol can cause your liver to produce less cholesterol.

  • New studies show that healthy food high in cholesterol doesn't affect your cholesterol levels since the liver balances the amount you need.

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