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Thinking a 'Breeze' at Sweet Strength Fitness Studio might be a walk in the park? Think again. With a history that spans back to 1974, training alongside Olympic gold medalists and diving deep into powerlifting, Breeze Timmons offers a training experience that's as robust as it is refined. Prepare to be challenged, transformed, and to discover strength you never knew you had!

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Meet Your Trainer

Breeze Timmons

Breeze started training himself in 1974. He has both coached and has trained with an Olympic gold medalist, as well as World Champions in Strongman, Powerlifting, Division One Athletes, and BodyBuilding competitors. He competed in college athletics while at the Citadel and moved into competing in powerlifting and strongman competitions. As a strength and conditioning coach, Breeze started training athletes and other clients in 1980, and now specializes in helping men rehab and prevent injuries, teaching them safe and proper techniques to strengthen and heal. He is dedicated to helping clients get back and attain endurance, balance, body tone and confidence back ~ accomplished through individualized training, nutrition and lifestyle programs to meet outlined, targeted personal needs and goals.


  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Citadel Graduate


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“Do it. Invest in yourself. I’m asking that you walk through my doors and let me show you how I will get you in the best physical strength and condition you’ve ever been in so that you live longer, healthier, and experience an overall better quality of life. I will get you through your workout without getting you injured. I know that consistency is far more important than the enthusiasm you’ll have in the beginning, dedicating yourself to something 3 times a week is far more important than working very hard for a month and burning out. I will get you in and out safely. Accountability to know that I am counting on you to show up. I don’t want to get you tired for the sake of getting you tired, I want my clients to walk away feeling like they learned something and why they are doing what they are doing.” 

-Breeze Timmons

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