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Inside Sweet Strength StudioThe Sweet Strength Fitness & Wellness Studio offers ‘One on One’ Personal Training in well equipped, semi-private rooms.  The attention is entirely on you, not on anything else.  We encourage you to inquire about the extensive benefits found during Life Coaching sessions, as well as what is involved in participating in Linda’s Health/Wellness/Nutrition personalized programs. While our dedicated efforts target the well being of individuals aged fifty and older, we are entirely equipped and eager to coach and train any adult of any age.  Premium effort goes into creating passion to reach your goals, all the while, serving you in a caring, safe, and fun environment, two minutes from Mount Pleasant’s Towne Centre and almost in sight of the beach.

Every exercise program, any diet plan needs to be carefully designed, as everyone has different needs, everyone can only make progress at a given pace.  The team at Sweet Strength develops routines and regimens that quickly become part of a new lifestyle.  Breeze and Linda are both well into their fifties, with over seventy years of combined experience helping people gain control over their health and wellness.  

Linda says, “We are fitness experts that will expect you to succeed, because it is our job.  We want you to slide into a new age of realization – and hold dear to the fact that you can be fit, enjoy life, and daily create happiness, while becoming stronger and energized.  We are the only area studio that offers holistic, personalized coaching and training that is geared toward the fifty plus age group.  Our mission is nurturing your acquisition of vastly enhanced total well being.”

PLEASE CALL to make that first appointment; let’s have a straightforward conversation centered on you and your needs.


  • Breeze – are you a gym, with a membership?

    No, we are a boutique studio, working on an ‘Appointment Only’ basis.  And we also encourage clients to come in on their own to make best use of our array of studio cardio equipment.  They are welcome on any days, whether or not they have a scheduled training with us.

  • Linda, how much does your training and coaching cost?

    We offer different packages, all affordable and planned out a monthly basis.  During your initial appointment, we will meet and make sure that Breeze or I are a good fit for you.  Getting healthier is a complete investment, obviously a modest financial investment, but a committed personal investment of time and effort.  If you want to look and feel better you will make some changes and daily invest in yourself and your future.  You are worth it! And we know we can coach you.

  • Breeze, how long do sessions last, and how many days should I come to the studio?

    Most of our clients train with us three days a week.  But this will depend on individual goals, time constraints, and how the person is responding to their program.  Sessions are designed to last 45 minutes on average.  If we put all the work in and everything gets done in 30 minutes – you are basically finished, but you can take additional time to stretch and cool down.  And of course, you will want to come in to stretch and fully warm up prior to each workout, and you are advised to stretch well and hydrate afterwards.  But you are always welcome here and there is just about always room for you to put in some work apart from your scheduled session times.

  • How will you assess my progress, Linda. How long before I see results?

    We will assess you on an ongoing basis as together we progress through each program.  Normally we like to make formal assessments every four or five weeks.  This will be a charting of body composition: weight, body fat%, and key measurements, as well as other indicators of fitness.  The results will always depend on the work you put into the program.  Assuredly, clients that commit to wellness coaching, in combination with their physical training, will see more marked results.

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