Wellness/Life Coaching

Optimal Health and Wellness. Is anything more elusive? And certainly, if we could possess it – it could prove to provide all the essential ingredients needed for a long, happy, and healthy life! These days all the information is at our fingertips, the knowledge needed to live a healthy life can come to us from a thousand sources. But, if knowledge was the simple answer – we could easily be living our best life. Just knowing information won’t prove to be the solution to your problem. The solution is in the question: Why aren’t you doing it? Why on earth are so many of our friends and relatives that are over fifty so lackadaisical in protecting their own well being? As your Coach – it will be my responsibility to reveal the answers to these questions.

  • Let’s get this done in 12 weeks.
  • Together we will draw a wellness blueprint for your life. A vision.
  • You will write, and then step into your personal vision statement.
  • We will achieve realistic goals for weight loss, exercise, stress management, and life satisfaction.
  • You will become more confident.
  • “Re-frame Negative Thoughts” ~ what will that mean to you?
  • Self-awareness & Mindfulness will begin to factor into yor decision making, DAILY !
  • You will be encouraged to overcome plateaus.
  • Challenges and barriers will soon appear to be opportunities.
  • Find your motivation and energy fromsources within and without you.
  • Tap into your innate fighting spirit.
  • Get clarity for direction.
  • Accountability is going to be shared, we are in this TOGETHER.
  • Find your purpose, begin to make a contribution in your community and in the lives of loved ones.
  • Understand your values, practice your beliefs – foremost, a belief in your new ‘becoming’ self.
  • Lifestyle Changes Will All Point In Healthy Directions.
  • If desired – experience coaching from the convenience of your own home, through webinar, Facetime or phone.