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How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

People often fail to achieve their fitness desires for several reasons. Sometimes, they haven't identified their goal clearly or when they hope to accomplish it. When that happens, it's either never started or put aside for tomorrow, which never comes. Others create a goal but don't have a plan of action. Last but not least are people who identify goals, have a timeline, and make action plans but fail to stay focused. Eventually, the plan to achieve the goal is set aside and forgotten.

Every time you see your goal, it sets it more firmly in your mind.

Writing down your goals and creating an action plan gives you a map to weight loss and fitness. Those plans are no good if you don't keep them in front of you and do them. You often forget them. You can avoid that problem by reminding yourself of your goal daily. Put sticky notes on the bathroom mirror to see first thing in the morning. If you schedule a workout time, use an alarm to remind you. Keeping your goal constantly in front of you will help you stick with it and make it a reality.

Break your goal down into smaller goals.

Your plan of action should include smaller, easier-to-achieve goals. Smaller goals provide a sense of accomplishment and should be part of your action plan. To maximize your focus, track your progress. Winners keep score. Track your progress. If exercise is part of your program, track each workout, including the number of sets and reps of each exercise. If you're making dietary changes, use a food diary. Track your weight, measurements, or energy level depending on your ultimate goals.

Use a health coach or a personal trainer or get a workout buddy.

Being held accountable by another person increases the importance of your goal. It makes you more focused on achieving it since another person tracks your progress, too. It also makes it more fun since there's someone to share the victories with and help you through the tough times when you might be ready to quit.

  • Treat yourself to a reward. If you've set weekly goals and achieved them for a month, give yourself a treat. It can be anything from a day at the spa to an hour, a new outfit, or an extra hour of sleep.

  • Treat your workout as you would any appointment and schedule. If you have a hectic schedule, make the appointment first thing in the morning.

  • Plan for meals. Meal planning can keep you on the straight and narrow and make it easier to serve healthy foods. Once you get into the routine, it makes it faster than stopping at the drive-through.

  • If you have a lot of changes to make, you don't have to do them all at once. Tackle one goal at a time. When it becomes second nature, move on to the next.

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